Monterey County Fair: A celebration of a Rich Heritage

Come and have endless fun on Monterey County Fairgrounds during the Monterey County Fair festival set to happen from 3rd September to 6th September 2021.

Usually held annually to celebrate the unique lifestyle of Monterey, this four-day event always entails lots and lots of fun activities befitting both adults and children alike.

Being an event to celebrate the heritage and way of life of Monterey, the county’s culture is exhibited through various ways from cultural dances and music to the distinctive arts and mouth watering local cuisines.

Monterey is a super diverse county that has an expansive list of things to be proud of. Starting with the beautiful aquaculture of the coast to the abundant agricultural produce and great wine selection, to the thought-provoking home art and the wide variety of livestock.

This event is always a beehive of activities and if you are not a fan of art, agriculture or aquaculture, you can enjoy watching the gymnasts, hypnotists, clowns and theatrical troupes doing their thing.

You can also sit down and listen to the stories done by talented storytellers and the karoekes performed by both experienced artists and fun-loving armatures.  And do you enjoy carnival rides? You are in luck because among the many family-friendly activities, carnival riding is one of them.

Lastly, what’s a celebration without some electrifying live performance? You get to enjoy, first-hand, Monterey’s best musicians perform live! What more can you possibly ask for?

With these many fun, engaging and educative activities, the Monterey County Fair definitely makes a good bonding and team building event for both families and colleagues.

Wondering Where To Eat While in Monterey for the County Fair?

California is the birthplace of many local and international dishes. It will thus be a wasted opportunity attending the County Fair event, and failing to have a taste of their local dishes. A good place to consider visiting is the:

  • Montrio BistroMontrio Bistro is known among the locals as the home of freshness, being that it serves freshly-cooked meals, with the produce sourced from the local farmers. It is one of the best and most visited restaurants in Monterey.

    Whether you want to just grab something quick or have a full course meal, you can count on Montrio to have something for you. The best part is, with Montrio Bistro, you do not have to choose between healthy and delicious. You get both in all of their dishes. Also make sure to try out the restaurant’s wide selection of wine; you will love it!

    Eating at this restaurant is not just about quelling your hunger. It is about experiencing the richness of local cuisines, done by the best in the game and served by the best.

There is no other better way to satisfy your love for local foods and ingredients. Visit the restaurant’s website here to view the full menu and make a reservation.