So, over the last year I have seen many local bar programs updated and elevated to what we have been doing for many years now here at Montrio Bistro. It was time for Montrio to evolve once again and elevate the playing field. I have been stocking up and tinkering with aperitifs and digestives...tinctures, potable & aromatic bitters, marmalades and crazy infusions for some time. This is the trend happening right now in all the hip, happening bars. Montrio's menu has become extremely gin, rye and bourbon-whiskey centric (imagine that, my three favorite spirits to mix with). Using spirits such as Byrrh Grand and Bonal quinqina, Vallet and R. Jelenik Fernet, Saler's gentiane, Suze gentiane, Cocchi Americano, Zirbenz Pine liqueur, CioCiaro and Cardamaro Amaros have helped to create a flavor profile to our menu that is deep, bold and complexed, yet balanced and approachable. The “now” buzz is bitter and herbal. New to the cocktail scene is the use of salt in cocktails. Salt brings out the sweetness in bitter spirits such as Amaros and Quinas. I have created three cocktails in which I use a "saline tincture" (salt and a neutral grain spirit...the rest is a secret!). Using locally made marmalades, I’m killing three birds with one stone, they add fruit flavor, sweetness and texture to a cocktail. I also incorporated twelve different aromatic bitters in my cocktails, such as Xocolatl mole, baked apple, cardamom, rhubarb and celery bitters just to name a few. I am extremely excited and could go on and on about our new menu. To the novice our new cocktail menu may be a bit intimidating but I want to create a buzz and get people talking...."What the heck is this? Wow! That tastes fantastic!" Because it is a very sophisticated menu I added a few playful touches. In the cocktail "Monkeying Around" I infuse Irish whiskey with bananas, serve it on a couple of rocks with a chunk of Lula's sea salt caramel on the side. OMG! I have also added a "Pickleback"...George Dickel #12 (I couldn't resist this whiskey...Pickle your Dickel) Tennessee whiskey served neat with a side of McClures pickle juice and fresh fruit (I am using grapes for now). I have set out to create the perfect menu, I have come close, but close is all I will ever get. Perfection can never be attained only strived for. So, I'll just keep tinkering and enjoy a nice, refreshing libation from Montrio Bistro along the way. Cheers!

Executive Mixologist
Anthony Vitacca


MONKEYING AROUND – Banana-infused Irish whiskey on the rocks with a Lula’s sea salt caramel  10-

PICKLEBACK – George Dickel #12 whiskey served neat with a side of McClure’s garlic pickle juice. – Get Pickled!  10-


GUAVA BELLINI – Cocchi Americano Rosa, guava, honey syrup, sparkling  8-

SAZERAC – Redemption rye, Herbsaint pastis, Peychaud bitters, agave nectar  10-

STYX & STONES – Herradura silver, Pama, honey syrup, sage, lime sparkling  10-

HELL HATH NO FURY – Absolut pear vodka, Lillet Blanc, lavender bitters, pineapple  10-

MONKS PINATA – La Pinta pomegranate tequila, Yellow Chartreuse, pineapple gomme, lemon, lime  12-

BIG BANG THEORY – Pure Kentucky XO bourbon, Scrappy’s cardamom bitters, spiced honey foam  12-

BRAVEHEART – Islay Mist 8yr scotch, balsamic-strawberry shrub, rhubarb bitters, lemon, agave nectar  9-

KAMA SUTRA – Saffron infused City of London gin, Aperol, Bonal Quina, St. Germain foam  10-

FLEUR DE PECHE – St. Germaine Elderflower, peach bitters, sparkling  9-

SLY RYE – Redemption rye, Canton ginger, Punt e mes, orange bitters  11-


BLUSHING LADY – Tito's vodka, guava, honey syrup, mint, lime  9-

THE MAMBO – Skyy citrus vodka, Malibu coconut rum, crushed mango, basil  10-

DAMSON GIN FIZZ – Averell Damson gin, Apricot liquer, orange bitters, lemon, agave  11-

MEZCAL MULA – Xicaru silver mezcal, fresh cucumber, peach bitters, ginger beer, lime, agave  11-

ROCK CITY B SIDE – Four Roses bourbon, Cardamaro, Aztec chocolate bitters, Four Fruits marmalade, basil  10-

NO KA OI – Chairman's RSV rum, Cherry Heering, Regan’s orange bitters, pineapple gomme, ginger beer  11-

UNCOMMON DARK & STORMY – Chinese 5 spice infused dark rum, pineapple gomme, ginger beer, lime  9-

OLD GRINGO – Pineapple-chipotle-infused silver tequila, Cointreau, orange, lime, agave nectar  11-


Weltenburger Anno 1050 Marzen – Germany 10.5-

Bitter American Extra Pale Ale – San Francisco, CA 6.5-

Mission Dark Seas-Russian Imperial Stout – San Diego, CA 9-

He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s Double R.I.P.A – Clifton Park, NY 9-

The Kimmie, The Yink, & The Holy Gose – Anderson Valley, CA 7-

Duchesse de Bourgogne-Sour Red Brown Ale – Belgium 12.5-

Straffe Hendrik Bruges Quadrupel Ale – Belgium 12.5-

Kostritzer Shwartzbier (Black Lager) – Germany 8-