Sea Otter Classic Cycling: Exhilarating Cycling Experience

Sea Otter Classic Cycling: Exhilarating Cycling Experience

If you love cycling and want to experience the exhilarating energy of a world-class race, then don’t miss out on the Sea Otter Classic! Hundreds of the top cyclists in the world will be coming together in Monterey, California for this three-day event. 

You will get to see the bikes up close that have been winning so many races and also meet some of your cycling heroes as they sign autographs. If you’ve never been to a cycling event before then it’s not too late, come down and join us!

The Sea Otter Classic is an annual competitive off-road bicycling festival that takes place every year in April but for this year, it will be held from the 7th to 10th of October

The Sea Otter Classic is the largest cycling event in the Western United States. Usually, the  Classic races are held in Bains Air, Andy Bellatti, and Lion’s Gate Canals. You can expect to see some of the best cyclists from around the world showing off their speed and skill. 

The Bains Air course is 4.2km long with an elevation gain of 860 feet. The Bellatti course is 5km long with an elevation gain of 400 feet. The Lion’s Gate Canals are also 5km long and have an elevation gain of 400 feet.

Besides the competitions, there will also be bike expos, bike demos, and clinics from some of the top pros and companies in cycling. 

It’s a weekend of fun for cyclists—from beginners to gurus—and parents who want their kids to grow up with bikes as friends instead of enemies. Whether you’re racing or just out to play, there’s something here for everyone!

Get your ticket early and come have the experience of a lifetime.

Grab A Bite After The Event

To complete the day, you can visit one of the many local California restaurants for a bite. One place you should totally check out is the Montrio Bistro.

Montrio is a classic bistro located in the heart of Monterey, California. Not only does this restaurant deliver the best food and drinks in town but its staff is always looking for new ways to cater to their customers.

If you’re considering dinner for two or even a family meal, Montrio has you covered. With an extensive menu, including traditional French dishes, seafood options, and delicate pastries from France’s countryside, this local favorite will never disappoint. Order your meal at one of many tables or inside on the cozy couches by the window.

To see what a typical night out at Montrio Bistro looks like check out the website here.